• I.O.S Britain’s premier ocean sailing school provides a comprehensive training curriculum in all aspects of ocean sailing. The company is headed by Pete “Stokey” Woodall. In 2006 I.O.S. set up a free web based Atlantic weather centre to help rowers and sailors alike to obtain good weather data and information to aid their ventures. Since its start I.O.S has advised, encouraged and helped thousands of yachtsmen who for the first time set off on a blue water adventure.                                                                                                                      


  • "Stokey" is a well-known ocean sailor who has in 35 years made some 31 Trans-Atlantic crossings and amassed more than a quarter of a million sea miles. He is a highly respected teacher in celestial navigation and has sailed to the Azores some 89 times teaching students completing their Ocean Yachtmaster certification. 

The Arctic Tern

  • The Arctic Tern is a bird that flies in excess of 32,000 kilometers a year and is a renowned master of navigation. To this end the logo and motto: No Frontiers' of I.O.S. was designed and one in which they are justly proud. 

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Ocean Training

  • “The learning process is simply a matter of progressing from cocksure ignorance to thoughtful uncertainty” is a favourite quote of Stokey Woodall the principal of I.O.S. For over four decades Stokey and I.O.S have taught and guided many famous and not so famous sailors, rowers and blue water adventurers alike to attain the required knowledge  and with that the certification to help them achieve their ambitions.The company is RYA recognized and runs courses in Coastal, Offshore, and Ocean navigation and is renowned for teaching to an exceptionally high standard, which is fully respected throughout the sailing world. I.O.S  also runs bespoke specialist courses in weather, long range radio, ships captains’ medical and the new eye opening  and thought provoking Wonders of the Universe course. 

Weather Centre

  • International Ocean Services, and Wind Guru teamed up in 2006 to create a new Atlantic Weather Centre for yachtsmen. since then IOS  has provided a web based data service using over 300 spot points within our unique Atlantic areas The centre also offers a special and reasonably priced talk to a forecaster and routing service. from this site we provide national meteorological offices and weather links to over 1000 sites.

Ocean Rowing

  • IOS has provided training and weather routing services to rowers over many years. We offer specialised, bespoke theory courses tailored to suit the individual needs and requirements of those taking part, whether they be solo rowers, pairs or teams, helping to prepare them both educationally and practically for the ocean. To date we have been involved in the success of eleven record-breaking rowing teams through our weather routing experts. In  2017 we are supporting seven separate rows; their progress can be followed through the links on the rowers page. 

Doing Our Bit

  • Poverty (also called penury) is deprivation of those things that determine the quality of life, including food, clothing, shelter and safe drinking water, but also “intangibles” such as the opportunity to learn and enjoy the respect of fellow citizens. Since 2010 IOS has sponsored a school on the island of San Antao, the second largest island in the Cape Verdean archipelago.The island boasts some of the most breath-taking and dramatic scenery in the world but its people are some of the poorest. Albert Moraes school has 56 children from 7 to 14 years old and, being situated in the mountain region of Catona, is incredibly isolated. To get there you need to take a 30-minute bus journey, followed a 40 minute off piste jeep ride and finally a 20-minute mountain walk to get there. IOS as a company are supporting the children, school and community by providing books, clothing and food for the whole school 

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Jim Holden

“Many thanks for a superb five days of Astro at Ventnor!
The course was beyond all expectations (and my expectations were high based on Stokey’s excellent reputation far and wide)
And it leaves me with a strong feeling that Asto taught right has a strong potential for a broader following.
The local area was most enjoyable and a return to this part of the Isle of Wight for some country walking is defiantly part of our family’s future plans now. Thanks for making me feel so welcome in Ventnor” Google.

Susie Potter

“Thank you for a fantastic stay- I have thoroughly enjoyed both the course and the hospitality!
Now I look forward to putting the theory into practice on the arc and in the Bay of Biscay” 

Ocean Sailor.

Ben Jones

“Thanks for the hospitality, it’s made all the difference whilst trying to take in all that Stokey has taught me, my stay on the Island has been memorable for all the right reasons” Trans Ocean Sailor.

Henry Browmrigg

“I have had a Lovely stay in Ventnor – you arranged fantastic weather for me! The accommodation was excellent and the breakfasts great – I felt welcome.
Thanks for the great teaching on the ‘ways of Astro’- it’s clear that a great deal of time and devotion has gone into your courses and I can’t wait to get using the sextant”  BA Captain.

John Llewellyn

“A big ‘thank you’ for looking after me this week. Great relaxing hospitality and a great course. I leave this island as before wishing I could stay, full of new knowledge and with a bad head (thanks a million Stokey)” Super Yacht Captain.

Matheiu Devique

“Thank you to the locals of Ventnor for your great hospitality… I had a very pleasant time in your wonderful town. Stokey you gave me the key for another dimension in sailing- thank you” 

Cape Horn Charter Skipper