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What We Do

  • Since the early days of Tom Mclean and the late rower Peter Bird, I.O.S has been closely linked to the world of ocean rowing. We have worked with many individual rowers and teams over the years and still do so. Our clients to date have included the likes of Tommy Tippets, Leven Brown, Matt Craighwell and the teams of Sarah G, La Mondial, Team Hallen and Artemis Investments. During the last three years I.O.S has weather routed the 5 fastest crossings of the Atlantic, with both the East and West records still standing an achievement we are justly proud of. We have become close friends with many of these great rowing characters and because of this special bond we have now decided to set up a new consultancy service to help others in their quest to row an ocean.
  • We can offer assistance and help in…
    Crew training and the required RYA qualifications
     Weather routing  Passage planning
    Advise and purchasing of equipment   Sponsorship
     Risk assessment PR & Marketing
     Heavy weather tactics  Safety at sea course
     Radio operators course  Ships captain medical course
    Victualing & dietary advise  Mental Training



Weather Services

  • I.O.S have for many years been working with and supplying routing and weather information to the marine industry. By emailing or calling daily, at a pre-arranged time, we will prepare a forecast and route for you. The forecast will be specific to your route and heading.This will then be delivered verbally or in a plain text format (to save satellite download costs)The forecast will consists of:
  • A general synopsis of pressure systems likely to affect you in the coming days.
  • A detailed forecast for of the next 24 hrs, consisting of wind direction, speed, sea state, weather and visibility.
  • A further outlook for the next 48 hrs will also be given 
  • Advice on severe weather avoidance, where to find the favorable winds and finally the best route for you based on the data we have.
  • If you wish to take this service we can discuss your personal requirements and agree a fee for the trip and not the time taken to complete it.
  • Terms are 50% of the fee to be paid up front 50% on completion.


Tommy Tippets


  • Skipper of KED Endeavour – Youngest male to row any ocean“When I asked Stokey whether he would route my solo row of the Atlantic Ocean at the start of this year, I had no idea that I would end up with a true mentor at the other end of the phone for 82 days. Stokey’s track record speaks for itself; now having weather routed 5 world record breaking crossings. But that was only half of it. With over 300,000 nautical miles under his belt, Stokey offered a huge amount of support and advice whilst I was at sea and it was one of the best decisions I took when planning my row. I will always remain friends with both Stokey and Wendy and remain very much indebted to Stokey for all his help.”  

Matt Craughwell


  •  Skipper of Sara G – Record holder   Atlantic East to West    
    “As always it has been fantastic to spend time with you both! Not only have I learned a lot from the big man himself again but realised that I have made great friends in you both. As you know, your part in World Ocean Rowing’s success is much appreciated and I look forward to you being with me and my teams for many years to come.”  

Leven Brown


  • Skipper of Artemis – Record holder Atlantic West to East“ Stokey’s weather and tactical routing gave us the edge on our competition. The record we broke stood for 16 years and over 60 attempts were made to break it before us. There is no doubt in my mind that, had we been without him, the record would not have been broken by such a margin. He kept us in the fast lane and we look forward to working with him again“  


Ocean Brothers


Row 2 Recovery


Team Antigua


Socks 2